It’s time for Palace appreciators to step up and restore the landmark we love. By supporting the Campaign for the Palace of Fine Arts, you can help preserve and protect this architectural treasure, San Francisco icon, and beloved urban park for future generations to enjoy.

For information on making a donation to The Palace of Fine Arts, or to purchase a commemorative bench at the Palace of Fine Arts, please contact Jan Berckefeldt at or 510-599-4651. 

To learn more about the Maybeck Foundation, visit

The photos below, taken before 2006, show why our campaign is so important.

Before restoration began in 2004, the Palace’s elegant rotunda, shown here with a safety net in place, was deteriorating from water damage and seismically unsound.


Water and other elements have also damaged the Palace’s friezes and sculptures, including this lovely maiden.

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Mold, bacteria, rust, animal deposits, graffiti, and moss, shown here on an exterior wall, are eating away at the Palace’s surfaces.

Prior to work begun in 2005, the lagoon was crumbling, its water stagnant, and the wetland landscape — home to swans, ducks, and migrating birds — needed significant restoration.

To see how campaign funds are restoring the Palace from “total ruin” back into the artistic, “graceful ruin” of architect Bernard Maybeck’s original vision, please see Work in Progress.

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